Meeting with Bob Silvas to discuss Lindbergh Field Remodeling!

 Jaime Partners recently had a meeting with Bob Silvas, Director of the Small Business Development Department. The meeting was to discuss how Jaime Partners and their associates may aid in the future remodeling projects that will be taking place over the next few years at San Diego’s International Airport, Lindbergh Field. Jaime Partners is working hard towards being a part of this remodeling and will bring everything they have to offer:  Program and Project Management, Construction Services, and seasoned experience in engaging public works.

Lindbergh Field says it will be hiring as many small construction businesses as possible for the $1 billion upgrade taking place at Terminal 2. The Green Build is a three-year project that will bring major upgrades to San Diego International Airport.  When work is completed in 2013, the airport will have 10 new gates, additional shopping, dining, and a dual-level roadway to reduce curb congestion by providing separate areas for arriving and departing passengers.

The Airport Authority hires small contractors for a number of specialties including: Flooring, Painting, Electrical, plumbing, General construction, Roofing, Metal fabrication, Fencing, HVAC, Glass glazing, Grounds maintenance, Grading soil, Janitorial.



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