Client Spotlight: You & Yours’

JP was an integral part of You & Yours’, a distillery encompassing 2,300 sq ft on the corner of 15th Avenue and G Street that anchors the mixed-use Form 15 building; the warm and welcoming space is styled like a fashionable living room and a 15-seat bar.

Today, to qualify for a liquor license (issued by ABC) a restaurant must include a suitable kitchen equipped to serve ordinary meals and be able to show that a minimum of 51% of your gross receipts are from food sales. JP worked tirelessly and filed the appropriate permits to ensure You & Yours’ the ability to conduct their business legally without the presence of a kitchen. Yours & Yours applied as a distillery with the ATF, but also needed a local use permit from Civic San Diego. The process was complicated, but we are thrilled to say that You & Yours is open for business!

Role: Design-Builder, Construction Manager at Risk
Client: You & Yours’ Distillery LLC
Total Square Footage: 2,300
Project Cost: $350K
Completed: March 2017

Photo Credit:  You & Yours’ Distillery Co.