Client Spotlight: Urbn Leaf

Jaime Partners was thrilled to work on one of San Diego’s first recreational dispensaries – since the legalization of marijuana in California. From concept to completion, we worked on making our clients vision of creating a unique medicinal cannabis shopping experience by developing a high-end aesthetic that matched their product line – all while complying with the strict codes that the City of San Diego has in place for the cannabis industry.

During construction, JP discovered intricate issues to comply with all security and safety requirements. The code requirements for permitting by the City were stringent and included bulletproof glass and drywall. We enjoyed the challenge and the opportunity to find new solutions for helping our client’s visions come to life.

Role: Design-Builder | Pre-Construction and Construction Management Services
Client: MMCC Sunrise
Total Square Footage: 3,429
Project Cost: $500K
Completion: September 2017