Client Spotlight: MAC Cosmetics (owned by Estee Lauder)

Travelers, coming through Terminal 2 West of San Diego’s Lindbergh Field, will love the modern vibe of the new MAC Cosmetics (owned by Estee Lauder) location’s cutting-edge cosmetics kiosk. It is the San Diego Airport’s only standalone high-end cosmetics shop, joining a healthy list of more than 80 shops and restaurants at the airport.

Challenges and difficulties of managing a construction project increases when the context is related to an airport environment. JP worked through the night to ensure that the construction of the MAC Cosmetics kiosk did not disrupt travellers. Our principals and two superintendents maintained a hands-on role throughout the project and delivered a completed project on time, despite the airport’s numerous security and standard requirements.

Role: Project Manager | Construction Manager
Client: Duty-Free Partner
Total Square Footage: 400 sq ft Project
Cost:  $400,000 Completed: March 2017