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Diversity and Inclusion: Key to the Construction Industry

The construction industry is beginning to embrace the principles of diversity and inclusion.¬†This shift is propelled by the fact that the construction industry is experiencing changes in the workforce in which more people are leaving the construction workforce than entering. This puts pressure on companies and contractors to find ways to attract construction talent and […]

5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Construction Manager.

When embarking on a commercial construction project, you want to find a construction company that has value, quality, courtesy, experience, and professionalism. Before hiring a professional, you want to do your research and ask key questions to find the right match for the size and scope of your project. From renovating your retail space to […]

Planning for Commercial Construction Expansion

As businesses grow they begin to consider whether a new construction or expansion is the next step. Not only will this boost their own operations, but it also enhances their communities by stimulating the economy and boosting consumer confidence. While these commercial projects offer exciting possibilities, they are complex and expensive processes that should be […]

Commercial Construction: Build, Remodel or Expand?

A successful business is one that can grow and change – new people hired, new skills developed and investments in innovative technology are made. These types of changes may lead a company to outgrow its current space. In which case they must ask themselves: Do they build something new, remodel or expand? While a project […]